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  • 2 February 2022
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Maybe someone can help me as I have no clue were the problem can be.

I have deployed successfully via terraform successfully a Aviatrix Controller and a Co-Pilot, after that I have set up via terraform again a service principal that can deploy configuration ins inside the controller. Now my task is to deploy a VPC and a transit gateway.

I have use this script https://github.com/terraform-aviatrix-modules/terraform-aviatrix-mc-transit


How the strange part is that terraform is creating the VPC successfully but for the gateway is failing with the below error.


But in reality the gateway is deployed successfully


Maybe someone has encounter the same problem using this terraform script?


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2 replies

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Hi Gilbert, it has consistently worked for me on 6.5 as well as 6.6. Can you share which controller and module versions you're using, as well as if this is persistent, or a one time error?

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Also, may I suggest to blur out the controller public IP. Although it may be shielded with SG/NSG, I consider it a best practice not to share this in a public forum 🙂