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  • 18 August 2023
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Dear Community,

I’m experiemnting with the user VPn feature, and I’d like to better understand the cost model.

In my Azure portal I see the following information:

  • Security Services Gateway (Includes NAT): $0.23/hr
  • NAT Gateway: $0.14/hr
  • Users or Client SSL VPN Connections: $0.045/hr

But I’m not sure which line(s) to consider and how.

Let’s suppose I just launch 1 speciality gateway configured to terminate user VPN, then:

  1. Do any of the first two lines of cost apply (Security Services Gateway or NAT Gateway)?
  2. How is the 3rd line applied? is it $0.045 per user connected per hour of conneciton? Or $0.045 per hour of conneciton, regardless of the number of user connected? Or $0.045 per hour, regardless if any user is connected or not?

Many thanks in advance.


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prefer to  use  nat  gateway in case you go   outbound   and  not allowing initiate connection inbound as security reason .   

to  reach to  private server  in private subnet  securely  from anywhere  only  for  your   certain user or  laptop

you need to  use client ssl vpn  along  certificate  and  depend on  region  that  you are  try  to connect  will be there cost 


Dear Bigo,

The first line only applies if you intend to provide egress to the internet from this gateway for VPN users or workloads in the VNET (you enable SNAT). If the connectivity is purely private then the first two lines don’t come into play.

The last line is $0.045 per user per hour.