using aws application load balancer

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using single cloud with multi-region us-east-1 and us-east-2

can be do curl command to webserver which is in us-east-1 through  spoke

can be identify the ALB with client IP address of bastion ip address that come from spoke at us-east-1



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Hi @MohammedBanabila , can you please clarify your question? 

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 use  aws application load balancer in region us-east-2 to register webserver

from bastion instance in region us-east-1 using curl command to get http request from private ip address of webserver port 80 when 1 access bastion instance through ssh port 22 in region us-east-1 

and then type sudo curl http://private-ip-address-webserver in region us-east-2 

if reference it spoke security group in region us-east-2   to be referenced as source for security group of webservers which at private subnet 

as lab will it work ?

as mentioned at   lab-aviatrix-ace.docx   for training lab