using aws cloud wan that communicate to un attach transit gateway with global netwotk and let un attach transit gateway be mediator between aviatrix gateway wth other CSP and aws cloud wa

  • 10 March 2024
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can be  aws cloud  work with aviatrix  gateway as layer that connect with  unattached  transit gateway without global network? 

for example let  aviatrix do communication with other csp  like azure or  gcp  , for aws cloud wan deployment that  communicate  to unattached transit gateway just only have  multiple vpc and multiple  data centre  attachment

that unattached transit gateway  can be a mediator between aws cloud wan and other CSP that communicate through  aviatrix  ?


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Hi @MohammedBanabila ,

Aviatrix can function as a connectivity layer between AWS Cloud WAN and unattached Transit Gateways, enabling communication within AWS and extending to other Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) like Azure and GCP.

With Aviatrix, you get advanced networking, security, and operational visibility across cloud environments, making it a viable solution for integrating AWS with other clouds. Using Aviatrix Transit Gateways, you can create a secure and efficient connectivity model that allows AWS Cloud WAN to communicate with unattached Transit Gateways. This model supports multiple VPCs and data centers, acting as a mediator between AWS and other CSPs.Aviatrix leverages the AWS Transit Gateway to connect multiple VPCs within a region, enabling a centralized networking gateway for traffic between AWS and external cloud environments. Aviatrix can dynamically manage and reroute traffic between AWS and cloud providers like Azure and GCP, enhancing interoperability in a multi-cloud infrastructure.

Aviatrix bridges AWS CloudWAN and unattached Transit Gateways, enhancing connectivity and communication across various CSPs. It simplifies multi-cloud network architecture while improving security and operational efficiency across cloud environments.

Additional info:

Hope that helps! 

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thanks  Katie Holms