We want to hear from you! Aviatrix Documentation Reader Requests

  • 25 July 2023
  • 3 replies

The writing team at Aviatrix is focused on providing documentation that is accurate and concise to help you achieve your goals using the Aviatrix platform. As improvements continue, the writing team wants to hear from you! What types of information do you need most from Aviatrix documentation? So far, we've heard the following from readers:

  • Best practices for sizing, scaling, storage, and alerts
  • Best practices for monitoring a production environment for network health
  • Real world examples for diagnosing and resolving network problems
  • Tutorials for configuring specific Aviatrix features
  • More in-app inline help for Aviatrix GUIs
  • What's new information

Lastly, no matter how good documentation is, it won't be helpful if you can't find it. The search capability and structure of a doc website play a part in helping you find information. Look out for improvements to the Aviatrix documentation website in the coming weeks for better searchability and navigation.

Let us hear from you in this community post or by using the Doc Feedback link at the bottom of any documentation page.



3 replies


Hi team - good to see that you’re focusing on extending and improving the documentation!

One of the things that I miss is an option to download the documentation as a PDF file. This would be very valuable for me (and most likely to others as well), and I’d really appreciate it if you could enable this.


Best regards,


Hi Espen.

Thank you for letting us know you'd like to see a download option as PDF. 

The Documentation team is considering different output options such as mobi and print formats in the long term. 

There are pros and cons to PDFs when it comes to product documentation mostly leaning toward cons. That said, there can be topics/files that need to be presented in a specific format which can benefit from PDF (the info is more useful when printed rather than accessed through a browser). 

Are there particular sections of the documentation where you'd find a print option very useful? Thanks again for your feedback.



Hi, Brenda - I find it so much easier to work with a pdf (speed, free-text search, annotation tools) file than having to maintain bookmarks and waiting for web pages to load. It’s a personal preference I guess.

To be honest, I don’t understand why this is not already available. Let the users decide for themselves. Having pdf version of the docs is a common thing with most other vendors.

Best regards,