What Happens When You Decommission Aviatrix?

  • 13 June 2021
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If a user decides to decommission Aviatrix completely, will the user's multi-cloud environment continue to function like before?
Will any gateways and other components created by Aviatrix that are native to a particular cloud remain in place?

For example, you may have configured routes or security groups or even launched instances through the Aviatrix controller. Will they remain functional?


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Hi Harshan,

It depends how you created them and want to delete them. If they were all deployed through Terraform and you execute a 'terraform destroy', of course everything in the code will be deleted. However if you log in to the Controller and delete objects manually, everything you do not touch will keep existing. Then again, if you have for example an Aviatrix managed TGW, it will loose peerings with Aviatrix Gateways, so you will have to reconfigure it from the AWS Console.

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