5 Cloud Networking Must-Read Stories: April 2024

5 Cloud Networking Must-Read Stories: April 2024
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If you’ve missed the deep dives and debate over cloud costs, never fear – they're still here! This month’s roundup of key stories in cloud networking look at the cost issue from a few different angles, showing just how deep the complexity runs.  


April also saw earnings reports and big events from the cloud service providers (CSPs), as well as major moves from tech giants – read on for the news you need to know.




Cloud cost management is not working 

Speaking of costs...David Linthicum’s headline pretty much sums it up here. Although enterprises are deploying cost management tools, a new study by Forrester Consulting, commissioned by IPaaS provider Boomi points to several reasons why they’re proving ineffective. In the end, Linthicum argues that getting cloud spending under control will require major fixing at the architecture and integration level. It’s time to roll up the sleeves! 



AWS confirms it: Cloud spending is back  

Despite the struggle with cloud costs, this month’s positive earnings reports from AWS, Microsoft, and Google Cloud showed that organizations are still leaning in. Although its rivals are still growing more rapidly, Tom Krazit reports that “AWS turned in its best performance in over a year during the first quarter of 2024,” with revenue increasing by 17% to $25 billion. Amazon CEO Andy Jassy attributed the growth to a combination of companies renewing their infrastructure modernization efforts and the appeal of AWS’s AI capabilities. 



What’s next for Google Cloud Networking? And it’s not just AI 

At this month's Google Next, executives from the cloud service provider dove deep on some specifics about the company’s latest efforts to advance cloud networking. AI was a primary theme, but not overly emphasized given that there are still vastly more non-AI workloads running in the cloud that can still benefit from optimized networking. Sean Michael Kerner rounds up all of the key news you need to know in this article for SDxCentral. 


Ivey Business Journal 

Why Decentralized Digital Enterprises Require Modern Networks 

Enterprises continue to digitize and become more decentralized and complex in terms of users, workloads, and branches, say the Accenture authors of this article. This shift requires the network to be adaptable to deliver an exceptional user experience from anywhere in the world. Accenture lays out a vision for its direction in this illuminating piece, highlighting some of the benefits of investing in a modern network, including improving business agility, network security, resiliency, and performance – all at a much lower total cost of ownership.  



Experts: IBM buy could change HashiCorp open source equation 

We learned this month that IBM plans to buy HashiCorp for $6.5 billion. Beyond the implications for Hashi's open source trajectory, this sizeable exit for one of the major modern cloud infrastructure players shows just how much value the tech giants are placing in this space. As Beth Pariseau’s article notes, “The Wall Street Journal had predicted that the deal would likely be worth more than HashiCorp's current market capitalization of $4.9 billion,” which appears to be true. 



What do you think of these stories - any articles you loved that we missed? Are you seeing these trends play out in your organization? 

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