Embracing Multicloud Adoption and AI Integration | New Episode of the Altitude Podcast

Embracing Multicloud Adoption and AI Integration | New Episode of the Altitude Podcast
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In this episode of Altitude, Woody is joined by Daniel Gaina, Senior Cloud Engineer at Cloudsoft, to discuss the nuances of transitioning to cloud infrastructure, multicloud adoption as a necessity, and the impact of AI on productivity and job roles.


Daniel's expertise stems from his role at Cloudsoft, a company focused on aiding customers in migrating, modernizing, and optimizing their services on AWS across various sectors from financial institutions to startups.


The discussion kicks off by contrasting the automation and orchestration approaches of large enterprises and startups, shedding light on the challenges each face. Daniel and Woody then touch upon the scarcity of cloud infrastructure talent, the complexities of multicloud adoption, and the emergence of AI as a powerful tool to help customers. 


Listen Now: https://aviatrix.com/altitude/

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Timestamped Overview:

00:00 Cloudsoft: AWS partner, cloud service and software.

06:02 Big enterprises lag behind in agility and automation.

07:55 Transitioning from on premise to cloud challenging.

11:19 Cloud infrastructure supports general tasks; lacks specialization.

14:59 Multicloud adoption increasing due to necessity.

18:08 Aviatrix simplifies managing cloud providers with ease.

21:22 AI's potential for customer benefit and concern.

24:48 Ensuring kids master blockchain and generative AI.

29:25 Humans better at interaction and design thinking.

30:10 Leverage AI for productivity, but double check.

35:12 Consulting relies on trust, crucial in business.




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