Reclaiming Control in Multicloud Networks | Latest Altitude Podcast Episode!

Reclaiming Control in Multicloud Networks | Latest Altitude Podcast Episode!
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In the latest episode of the Altitude podcast, Woody is joined by Elmar Wesle, a senior solutions engineer with an extensive background in electronics and cloud connectivity. With his years of experience bridging the divide between traditional networking and modern cloud environments, Elmar provides a deep dive into the complex world of multicloud networking.


Woody and Elmar discuss the nuances of managing multiple clouds, with a particular focus on the challenges associated with networking and the lack of visibility into cloud-native network components. Elmar sheds light on the limitations that networking teams face within cloud environments, while Woody highlights the critical need for reclaiming control and visibility.


The discussion also covers the strategic approach of "tromboning" for cloud connectivity and its associated costs and delays. With ongoing trends and customer concerns, especially in Europe, Elmar and Woody address the growing demand for flexible application provisioning and inter-cloud connectivity.


Listen here:

Ultimate Guide to Master Multicloud Networking:

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Timestamped Overview:

00:00 Intro

05:56 Azure predominant in Germany, long customer history.

09:31 Diversifying cloud services for connectivity and resiliency.

12:46 Concerns about government peering through encrypted networks.

16:35 Success in multicloud involves strategic planning.

17:32 Businesses executing connectivity across various cloud providers.

23:20 Aviatrix offers unified connectivity and cloud solutions.

25:19 Encrypting cloud connection saves money and data.

29:14 Network engineers and IT frustrated by visibility.

32:05 Control, visibility, and flexibility crucial for networking.


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