The Cloud Skills Gap: Unpacking the Skills that Matter | New Altitude Podcast Episode!

  • 13 February 2024
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In this episode, Woody sits down with Mike Gibbs, Founder and CEO of Go Cloud Careers, and Elonzo Coleman, CMO of Go Cloud Careers, to delve into the skills gap in the cloud industry. 

With Go Cloud Careers at the forefront of educational innovation in cloud computing, Mike and Elonzo dissect the modern cloud professional's toolkit, highlighting the skills that matter and the limitations of current cloud service provider (CSP) certifications. The CSP certifications fall short as they scratch the surface without diving into how the technology works, why you would use the technology, and how this technology meets the needs of the business.

They also explore the often-overlooked essentials for effective multicloud strategies, addressing the real-world challenges and adeptness required to thrive across varied cloud platforms. Mike and Elonzo argue that it's not the credentials that count, but the understanding of how the different cloud technologies come together and serve the overarching business goals. Lastly, they discuss how AI is changing the approach to the cloud skills gap. 


Watch the episode here: 

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Timestamped Overview

00:00 Intro

00:29 Insights on the cloud skills gap from Aviatrix’s 2024 Secure Cloud Networking Field Report.

01:20 Factors contributing to the skills gap.  

02:48 The shortcomings of CSP certifications and the practical skills required to succeed in the cloud.

07:50 Is the Cisco networking certification program still valuable?

09:43 Comprehensive training in nontechnical and technical skills.

13:13 How multicloud impacts the skills gap.

13:51 Emphasizing the need for practical cloud training content.

19:05 Traditional firewalls struggle in cloud environments for scalability.

22:32 Automation trends in cloud infrastructure and security.

25:06 Consistent training keeps networking skills current and competent.



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