Operations, Visibility, and Troubleshooting FAQ's

  • 10 July 2020
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It looks like you are building the overlay on top of the CSP. Shouldn’t the Aviatrix gateways be exponential to the number of VPC or VNets? What is the recommended instance size of the gateways?  

The Aviatrix Gateway can be deployed with instance size as small as t2.micro; the size of your GW will be your decision based on the use case, performance and throughput. Having an Aviatrix GW inside the VPC/VNet will give you visibility and further control in that environment. You can certainly not deploy GW inside the VPC and still have connectivity into transit.

Is it possible to deploy FullMesh manually without using Aviatrix?

Full mesh is possible but extremely complex to manage. Management of static routes will become a headache along with no troubleshooting and visibility challenges. 

What is the reason for customers going to select multiple clouds, since most of the cloud providers provide 99.9999 uptime? 

It’s more about being able to leverage the best of all the CSPs. You select the best product for the specific job i.e. Firewalls from Check Point/FortiNet/Palo Alto, on-prem routers from Cisco, visibility from Splunk etc. In the cloud world, different CSPs offer different services and some are better than others in specific services they both offer. 

For transitive routing support AWS provides TGW but has certain limitations. Do we have a better service with Aviatrix for such use cases? 

Yes. Aviatrix Transit operates with full visibility in all clouds.

The common problem so far is the lack of visibility and control at layer 3 and below in the clouds this seems to be spread across all the providers. How does Aviatrix handle this issue? 

This is a big problem that we see across the cloud providers. In addition is the ability to create a repeatable architecture across clouds to create a consistent framework that scales. Without a consistent way to abstract the complexities and nuance of each provider the burden falls on to enterprises to figure it out. Aviatrix handles the complexity for you.

With so many vendors under the same umbrella, how does Aviatrix handle support?  

We orchestrate the deployment and setup of appliances in cloud as if it was just another virtual machine. All the appliance specific configuration and troubleshooting is handled through the appropriate vendor. 

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