High Performance Encryption (HPE) FAQs

  • 10 July 2020
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In HPE environments, as you are bundling IPsec tunnels to achieve greater overall throughput, are you still limited to 1.25 Gbps per session/flow? Or do you perform some form of per packet load-sharing across the available tunnels?

1- We are building multiple IPSec tunnels. 
2- We do have tech. beyond just building simple tunnels. So no, we are not limited to just 1.25 Gbps per session/flow. 

Can we get 70Gbps with a single gateway?

This is cumulative throughput and depends on the size of the gateway and whether you enable HPE or not.

How do you accomplish high performance encryption on the Direct Connect/peering links?

It is done using our technology called HPE (High Performance Encryption, AKA, Insane Mode Encryption). 

For HPE, is it bundling multiple VPN's or a single VPN with 10Gbps throughput?    

Check out this document for more information: https://docs.aviatrix.com/HowTos/insane_mode.html?highlight=HPE

How is the Aviatrix solution for encryption different from other solutions?

We have patented a solution to spread encryption across multiple cores of the instance. 

How can Aviatrix achieve a high throughput for IPsec?

This can be done by pinning it to more than one vCPU, whereas Cloud Providers use only one vCPU, hence the limitation of 1.2Gbps.

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