Let's Encrypt for Controller SSL?

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Hi everyone, I have an Aviatrix Controller deployed and would like to secure browser access with an SSL certificate. Let's Encrypt seems like an easy and cost effective method, however in order to use it I need SSH access to the Controller, which is disabled. If there's anyone that has successfully implemented this I'd love to hear the details!




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Mark - we don't currently support running LetsEncrypt on the controller itself. There are two methods that customers use today to accomplish your end goal.

  1. Import or generate a controller certificate. With this option you could use LetsEncrypt to generate the cert and then import it to the controller.

  2. Place a load balancer in front of the controller. With this option you're terminating ssl at the load balancer and managing the certificate there in ways that the load balancer supports.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks John, I implemented option 2 and it's working fine.

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