Instructions to Manually Destroy A Topology Deployed by Aviatrix Self Service Launch Tool (SSLT)

  • 5 June 2023
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The SSLT is built for production use-cases and scenarios, but there are situation when a team wants to deploy a use-case for quick testing, POV, POC or SRE needs and then destroy after the testing or validation is completed

The SSLT provides an automated way to delete or destroy a use-case or topology. Users are encouraged to use the automated option, but there might be situations when manual delete is needed. The delete function is provided to help.


CSP Tags


SSLT uses CSP tags to all the resources deployed by it. Users can search CSP tags as mentioned in the following steps and destroy the resources as needed (make sure dependency is followed).

  • Search the CSP tag using Tag Editor called owner:self-service
  • Destroy the resoruces as necessary
  • Then search the CSP automation specific tag such as AWS. In AWS tag is called owner:self-service-cloudformatuon
  • Destroy the resources as necessary


AWS Tag Editor Sample Link


Detailed instructions for AWS are mentioned here



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