Prisma Access with Aviatrix Reference Design

  • 4 March 2021
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What is Prisma Access?

Prisma Access is a SASE (Secure Access Service Edge) play. The solution allows customers to connect IPSec-enabled client machines/devices/laptops from on-prem to Prisma Access for added security beyond simple SSL VPN type connectivity such as 

  • Application FW

  • URL Filtering

  • Threat Prevention (IDP)

  • Malware scanning

  • DNS-security

  • SSL Decryption

  • DLP (Aperture acquisition)

  • Etc.

This solution is for traffic that is destined for both Internet and IaaS. All the services are subscription-based. Essentially it is another "Cloud Connectivity" option such as provided by Zscaler and others, as shown in the diagram as well


The Aviatrix platform is about enterprise-grade, advanced networking and security inside the public clouds/

Aviatrix and Prisma Access Design

Several customers use Aviatrix and Prisma Access solutions to meet business needs. If you have such a requirement please reach out to us.

The following diagram shows one of the reference designs.



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