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  • 22 February 2023
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Here are the most frequently asked questions to help you get started. 

How do I update my profile? 
Click “My Profile” to edit your public profile.
You can add:

  • A profile picture or avatar
  • Your company name
  • Your job title
  • Your city and country
  • A bit about yourself – what makes you, you?
  • A signature that will be displayed at the end of all your posts

How do I change my username?
Unfortunately, you can’t change your username on your own. Please reach out to and we will help you!

How do I change my notifications? 
Click “My Profile,” then “Settings.” From there, you can toggle notifications on and off. If notifications are on, you can choose the frequency and content of your email alerts.  

How do I follow areas of interest? 
By following topics of interest, you’ll be notified via email when new posts are added. You can follow categories, people, and tags. Look for the “Follow” or “Subscribe” buttons.  

How do I view what I’ve subscribed to?
To view your subscriptions, hover over your profile picture or first initial on the navigation bar, then click “Subscriptions.” You will find all of the topics you’ve subscribed to.

How do I create a new post? 
You can start a new conversation by clicking “Create Topic” on the navigation bar. You can choose between asking a question or starting a conversation. You can also pick the category and hashtags for this new post.

I want to comment on an existing post, what should I do?
If you are viewing an existing post and would like to comment, you can reply by clicking the “Reply” button.  

How do I keep track of what I posted? 
Hover over your profile picture or first initial on the navigation bar, then click “My Profile.” You will find topics, replies, solved, who you are following, and your followers here.

How do I earn points and badges?
Please view this article to learn how to climb the ranks and earn points and badges.

How do I see what rank I am or which badges I have?
By default, ranks and badges are visible to all community members to inspire friendly competition. To view your badges or find your rank, click My Profile.”


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