Ranks and Badges Overview

  • 16 February 2023
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You can move up in the ranks and earn badges through your community activity. Curious how our ranks and badges work? Keep reading!


What is a rank?

Our ranking system is a fun element that recognizes and rewards community members who are actively engaged. Your rank is displayed under your username and is based on your cumulative community activity. The more you participate, the higher your rank. How often you create new topics or leave comments, your helpfulness, and the value of your contributions will all contribute to your community ranking. Community members progress up the ranks in a linear system and only hold one rank at a time.

The Aviatrix Community ranks range from Trainee to Commander. What is your rank?

Rank Name




First Officer

Second Officer




What is a badge?

Unlike ranks, badges are awarded for specific achievements. Community members will be rewarded badges upon completion of a certain achievement or milestone. This may include receiving a certain number of likes, commenting on specific threads, or receiving an ACE certification.

Badges are visible to all community members to inspire friendly competition. To view the badges you have, click My Profile.

We won’t ruin the fun and tell you what you need to do to earn certain badges or ranks, but if you have questions about the way they work – comment below!


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