ACE MCNA Course: Unable to proceed further as course videos are not showing up.

Course Video not showing up for Aviatrix platform Feature Overview Part-2.

Tried with multiple browsers ---> Issue persists

Completed quiz and tried to move ahead with next video --> Next content is locked out as, previous one is not completed.

Please help to resolve this issue


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Further to this, I am not able to view any of the previously completed videos.

Tried clearing all possible things from browser but issue still persists.

Tried with different laptop, issue still persist.

Request to look into it and do a reset or whatever possible

I am facing the same issue, the course is stuck at 19%. I am unable to click on "Complete and Continue" after "Networking Principles in the Cloud" lecture. 

Am also facing Same issue, stuck at 25%. Try to resolve ASAP


Suspecting the issue may be , there is a minimum time to spend on each Vidoe / Topic 
If that time is not met , we can't able to move to next topic 
Kindly try the same 

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Please reach out to teachable support.

Issue is resolved and able to complete course.

Thank you