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What is ACE Professional?
The Aviatrix Certified Engineer Multicloud Network Professional training covers proven design patterns for multicloud network architecture and key networking and security use-cases supported by the architecture – focusing on AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. For more details about the training, click here.

What are the prerequisites for the ACE Professional course?
ACE Associate is a pre-requisite for ACE Professional and all other ACE trainings.

How do I enroll in the ACE Professional Training?
You can submit your interest in an upcoming training by joining the waitlist here.

What are the criteria to get the certification?
There are three criteria for certification.

  1. The candidate must attend and complete the training.
  1. Candidates must complete the associated labs. These labs also carry weight.
  1. After the training and labs are completed, the candidate must pass the certification exam.

What is the format of the certification exam? 
The exam contains multiple choice questions and will take around 60 minutes to complete. It is scale-based, and results are calculated based on the difficulty level of the question a candidate gets. If you want to understand how scale-based testing works, this AWS article provides you with an idea.

Aviatrix does not share the details about how the exam is structured and the difficulty levels. The scale is adjusting as we keep adding questions to the question bank.

How are the exams scheduled? 
The ACE Professional course instructor will provide you with the details at the end of your course.

How many times I can retake my exam?
You can retake your exam once for free.

How do I prepare for the exam?
Please be sure you have followed all of the instructions provided by the instructor during the course. 

Do I need a laptop or computer to take my exam? 
Yes, a laptop/computer and stable internet connection are required. 

What are the minimum system requirements for the exam?
An ACE Academy account is required.

What is the best way to prepare for the exam? 
There is no practice exam available. However, we encourage students to go back through the material provided during the training. You can also get additional hands-on experience by launching the Aviatrix Controller. 

When will I receive my exam results? 
You will receive your exam results within 2 business days.

I was notified that I passed the exam, but I want to know my score. 
We do not share exam scores with students at this time.

I was notified that I passed the exam but I have not yet been issued my digital badge on Credly. When can I expect that email? 
Within 2 business days after you are certified, you will receive an email from our digital badging platform, Credly, with instructions to click-to-add this achievement to your social and professional media platforms. 

What is a digital badge? 
A digital badge contains verified metadata that describes your ACE Multicloud Networking certification and the process required to earn the designation. We hope you will maximize the benefits of your accomplishment by sharing your success with others. 

How do I view and download my certificate?
To view and download your new certificate, you need to log in to your profile on our digital badging tool, Credly. Please follow the instructions here to download and save your new certificate.

How do I share my ACE achievement to my social networks?
How you choose to share your badge and/or certificate is up to you. Some ACEs like to share directly from Credly, while others like to download and share their certificates on their own.

To share your badge from Credly, please follow these instructions to share directly to your social networks.

To share your certificate on your own, download your new certificate by following the instructions above, then create a new post on your social network of choice including the certificate as an attachment.

How long is my certification valid? 
Three years. 

I have a question that was not answered.  
Please reach out to or ask your question on this site.

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