Aviatrix Certified Engineer - Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the pre-requisites for the ACE Associate course?
Knowledge of networking concepts is helpful but not required.

Do I need to complete the training in a certain amount of time? 
As the course is self-paced, you can access the content indefinitely and work through it on your own time. However, we recommend completing the course, including the exam, within 2-4 weeks.

I cannot finish the self-paced course. It appears "locked" and won't allow me to progress forward.
You must complete at least 90% of each module and score at least 70% on each knowledge check in order to proceed. If you did both of those and are still unable to move forward, you can try a few different options:
- Clear your browser cache
- Try a different browser
- Turn off corporate VPN
- Use a different Internet provider
- Use your mobile/cell phone hotspot to connect to Internet
- Restart/reboot your laptop/computer/tablet

How do I schedule the exam? 
You will schedule your exam in the final module of your Associate course titled “About the Exam.” There is an embedded calendar. Be sure to click “confirm,” you also receive a confirmation email. 
Please be mindful of time zones when scheduling. The calendar displayed within Teachable will be in your time zone. 
The confirmation email will contain an “add to calendar” button that will populate a calendar appointment for the correct time with all necessary details. 
View step-by-step instructions here.

What is the format of the exam? 
The exam contains multi-choice questions and will take around 60 minutes to complete. In order to pass, a student must score at least 70%.

How do I prepare for the exam?
Please be sure you have followed all of the instructions listed in the exam confirmation email. The steps are listed here.

What is the cost of the ACE Associate final exam?
The cost of the ACE Associate final exam is $49 USD.

How do I pay for the final exam?
We have two payment options - PayPal and Stripe.

Do I need a laptop to take my exam? 
Yes, a laptop and stable internet connection are required. 

What are the minimum system requirements?
For PC, Microsoft Windows 7 or newer. For Mac, 10.12 Sierra or above. 

Which web browser can I use?
Google Chrome is the required browser for all ACE exams. It is the only browser that is supported. 

Are there any additional requirements? 
Prior to your exam, you must download and install the Proctorio Google Chrome extension.

Is Proctorio mandatory?
In order to maintain exam integrity and security, Proctorio is mandatory in order to take the ACE exam. 

How do I get started with Proctorio?
You can find a quick start guide to Proctorio here. 

May I take the exam from my smartphone? 

May I take the exam from my iPad or tablet?

Do I need a webcam in order to take my exam?
Yes. Check to make sure your camera works in Chrome here. Click the "Test my Cam" button and wait for the test to complete.

Do I need a microphone in order to take my exam? 
Yes. Check that your microphone works in Chrome here. Click the play button. If the lines move when you talk, your mic is working.

What is the best way to prepare for the exam? 
There is no practice exam available however we encourage students to go back to Teachable and review the training material.  
You can also study the self-paced material, and get hands-on experience by launching the Aviatrix Controller. You can always ask and answer questions on our Community site as well.  

Can I reference the learning modules or resources on when I take the exam?
No. The exam is a closed book exam and if we suspect cheating, you will not pass.

I was kicked out during the exam. What should I do?
The proctoring platform monitors physical motion, and activity on the computer and may log you out in case it crosses any thresholds. Once kicked out, you still have 2 mins to resume your exam.

Note: The clock is still ticking during this so please try to get back in as soon as possible.

I missed my exam slot. Can I reschedule? 
Yes. Please revisit the final module of the ACE Academy titled "About the Exam" to reschedule.

When will I receive my exam results? 
7 business days. Thank you for your patience.  
Do not retake the exam until you hear back from us. 

I was notified that I passed the exam but I want to know my score. 
We do not share exam scores with students at this time.

I was notified that I passed the exam but I have not yet been issued my digital badge on Acclaim. When can I expect that email? 
3 weeks after you are certified, you will receive an email from our digital badging platform, Acclaim, with instructions to click-to-add this achievement to your social and professional media platforms. 

What is a digital badge? 
A digital badge contains verified metadata that describes your Aviatrix Certified Engineer – Multicloud Networking certification and the process required to earn the designation. We hope you will maximize the benefits of your accomplishment by sharing your success with others. 

How long is my certification valid? 
3 years. 

I did not pass the exam. What now?  
Please revisit the final module of Teachable to schedule your exam. Each attempt will cost $49 USD.

I have a question that was not answered.  
Please reach out to or ask your question on this site.

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I attended the Aviatrix session & exam on 23rd June but don't know what my result is. Is this something you can help with or redirect me please.

Thank you.


Shehjad Sayyed

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Shehjad Sayyed as mentioned in the FAQ above, it takes Aviatrix 7 business days to process results and notify students. 


I have directly joined the course program and have given the exam and now its been the 7th day i havent recieved any result update from your side while visiting the site i reseted my pwd and got to know that my acct didnt existed well i have created the one now so now  how do i come to know my result or there will be no result for me

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Gaurav let us know if you are still having issues. Thanks

Iam interested


I have register for the training and received the welcome email for sign up. When I log on to the portal in my course when i click  Aviatrix Certified Engineer it asked to pay. Also, I do noticed course curriculum Grayed Out for all courses start button. Can someone help me on this? or do i need to use my credit card to claim?


Hi I attended exam on July 23rd.  When will the results published?  Thanks

Hi i have attended exam on July 23rd, when i will get result?


Manimuthu M I took mine at July 22nd and never got anything yet. Aviatrix team mentioned it will take 7 business days to process results. 


Anupam Jha I took mine at July 22nd and never got anything yet. Aviatrix team mentioned it will take 7 business days to process results. 


Hasan Mohammed Thanks.  I got mine yesterday. 

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Karthikeyan Shanmugavel it sounds like you did not properly enter the coupon code. Are you still having issues? 

Hasan Mohammed I am also waiting as others have received their results who have given on the same date, let's see. 

Thanks Katie Holms Wow,It works. Indeed I haven't try to apply the coupon code. Time for prepare. 


Hello sir, I have written my ACE exam on 30/07/2020 and I just wish to know how much more time should I wait for getting my result. Or has the result already been out and I didn't yet receive any notifications or mails regarding this?

Adithya E S Hello Adithya, just wait for 7-8 days after exam for your result & you will definately get your result within this period on your mail id.


Hasan Mohammed I have received my result today morning.


Hello, I am very interested with this exam and I already signed up for the exam, but I have something in mind about this exam.

In order to do the exam, do I need to provide a webcam for proctoring purpose beside a laptop and internet connection? Currently, I don't have any webcam and would be really glad to know if a webcam is necessary or not, so I can get one and prepare the equipment pretty well so there will be no issue when taking the exam.

I enrolled ACE course in june, but I don't have any multi-cloud experience . Can  I schedule the exam next year ?

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Calvin Chin no video is needed for the Associate exam.

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dai we recommend completing the course and scheduling the exam all within 2-4 weeks. The course will provide you with multi-cloud networking basics and will set you up to successfully pass the exam.

good evening, please how can i generate coupon code for this upcoming program?

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ALIYU YAHAYA MUHAMMAD please use code ACEONLINE to $0 out the $895 cost.


Katie Holms exam attended on 4 Aug still waiting for result.

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Asim shahzad as mentioned in the FAQ above, it takes Aviatrix 7 business days to process results and notify students.